discovering the world through the lens of my camera …

Not the camera takes the photos, people do … My name is Geri Linda Metterle, and I’m one of those people taking photos and I really love to discover the world through the lens of my camera.

I love to take photos that touch my heart.
I do not really worry if the composition isn’t perfect.
The memory is and will always be.

I’m a self taught photographer and I love to enter new territories. Many of my photos have been published. You may find them in newspapers, on flyers, in brochures and calendars, on posters and in magazines.

German is my native language, but I’m fluent in English, do speak some French and my Romanian is pretty good. Besides I do understand some Italian and Spanish and for the rest of them Google will help.

This blog was created as a new home for my photo collections I once created on Google+. They should still be available on that platform until the end of March 2019.

I put so much energy into collections and communities … now all that is going to be lost forever, or I change to an enterprise account,  for which, however, I would have to pay. I had a lot of fun meeting people with similar interests and exchanging information, had fun with events, with the “best of” collections … that’s all gone by the end of March.

I’m about to move everything on different other Social Media Channels.

You can still find me HERE



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